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What is an Alternative Accountant?

Alternative Accountants have a different approach to providing accounting services.

We work to keep our fees low by using the latest software and working methods. And, we are focussed on value so we innovate and develop ways of helping our clients solve their problems.

This has led us to create software, videos and Podcasts - all designed to help you improve your results.

We call this approach Improving the Numbers - the numbers can be the obvious financial ones like sales, profit and cashflow. Or, the numbers can be non-financial - how many hours you work or how happy you are.

How much does it cost?

We have a minimum fee of just £20 plus VAT a month for a sole-trader.

As well as a low fixed price, we pack maximum value into our service including options for bookkeeping, business planning software and Results Coaching.

We specialise in start-ups and small business so we know budgets are tight. We keep costs down by working more efficiently, including making use of videos.


per month

4 reasons to work with Crunchers

Reason 1 - Affordable

We will work with you to reduce the cost of bookkeeping, preparing VAT returns and completing year-end accounts and tax returns. And we will offer you a range of fixed prices.

Our standard terms of service include commitments returning telephone calls, dealing promptly with emails and completing your accounts and tax returns quickly.

At Crunchers we know how important it is to deliver on our promises.

Reason 2 – Specialists

We work exclusively with start-ups and small businesses so that we can create and find tools and resources that fit your needs perfectly.

As a small business we understand that your budget is limited. However, we are able to deliver high value business advice in the form of seminars, webinars and videos.

Crunchers is the only accountants in the world to develop their own online video knowledge bank with business advice for our clients.

Reason 3 – Knowledge

Our advice is not just about how to pay less tax. We will help you grow sales, improve profit margins and boost cashflow.

We do this by going beneath the financial numbers in your business: numbers that drive the results like your marketing metrics and key performance indicators.

Working together we can improve all of your numbers.

Reason 4 – Worthwhile

We believe start-ups and small business can really benefit from business advice usually reserved for big businesses with deep pockets.

Our goal is to democratise business advice so start-ups and small businesses have a better chance against bigger more established competitors.

Our aim is to help small business pay more tax, by making more profit. This money will help fund the NHS, schools, the police and our armed forces.

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Crunchers Accountants

Crunchers Accountants